Small Victories

When I was young I wished to change the world.
But now I’m old and know but all too well:
“by limiting myself alone, may I excel !”
Slowly, with grace I hope, have I unfurled
the tangles of my life: through which I hurled
so swiftly.  Hurting, laughing I propel
my thoughts, so lively still, as now I tell
my heart to swell.  Small victories have whirled

me towards happiness.  Like Tumbleweed
I float through my remaining days, before
death calls me to his side.  I hide my face
and try my best, to be my best.  With speed,
I hide myself. ” Don’t tempt the gods “, the door
to vanity is vast.  Let me depart with grace.


Comments: This poem, along with “It will not go away!”, is one of Renata’s more personal poems.

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