It will not go away!

Today I am German with a vengeance.
If you get in my way I’ll stomp on you!
My heavy boots will crush you.

You have hurt me.
All those of my generation
once victims, then sometime friends.
No more !
Wallowing in your own,
admittedly great sorrow,
you have taken it upon yourself
to deny me any pride in my heritage.

Now I am Shylock crying:
“if you cut me, do I not bleed?”
What makes you think that I,
born into a world of stress,
upheaval and destruction
owe a pound of my precious flesh to you.

Pointing an accusing finger
will not reverse history.
It will not lessen your sorrow.

But boots are not my every day attire
and everyone bears burdens.
So once again,
I will take up this heavy load:
the guilt of a disgraced nation!
and like Sisyphus
I will push this great and well-worn rock
Up that steep slope called: life.

Military Boots

Comments: For more information and discussion of this poem, check out Renata Bernal’s Artist’s Blog on Tumblr.

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