Statement of Vision

In my work I experiment with color, space, and static tension.  Although abstract expressionist and West Coast figurative painters (also highly expressionistic) were the models I aspired to emulate in my formative years, I found that ultimately I was drawn to a more quiet and linear mode of expression.  The “moment of silence” in an otherwise active environment interested me more and more.

I liked Rothko’s fields of vibration, color and light. I liked Bergman’s monumental, slow-moving, lyrical films. During my three-year stay in Europe I was very impressed by the quiet formality of Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, and I loved those mysterious, elongated frontal figures depicted by Byzantine mosaics. So now I am still trying to capture in my painting that moment when things seem to fall into place for an instant of perfect harmony, before moving on to new configurations.

    —Renata Bernal