Tuhavi and Koyemsi

Tuhavi and Koyemsi, an ink drawing by Renata Bernal

India ink on white paper
Image Size
11 x 14″ image
ink, bottom
Edition Size
5 of 6 (reproductions)
reproduction signed and edition in pencil

These 2 Hopi Kachinas enact a folktale that tells of a paralyzed man who was left behind by other villagers during a fire. The two combined their remaining abilities to survive. The blind man carried the paralyzed individual, who served as the blind man’s eyes. Together, they were able to hunt for food. This paid appears in the Mixed Dance. Tuhavi, the paralyzed Kachina, is easily recognized because he is the only Kachina whose horns turn down.This is a limited edition reproduction of the original India ink drawing. Only the limited edition reproductions are currently for sale; the original drawing is part of a private collection.

For sale as limited edition reproduction only.

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